Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caroline Kennedy

I had mixed feelings about Caroline Kennedy being the next senator from New York, but I was also sorry to see her withdraw. I think the Kennedy name could have opened a lot of doors, and she is close to Obama; she could have helped New York State which now faces a $12.5 billion deficit.

Caroline Kennedy and I were born two days apart so she has always interested me. In New York City I once wished her a happy birthday and her response to me was not exactly polite. I will say this: she guards her privacy and any one who crosses it does so at his own peril. Not a great quality for a senator.

But what I am getting to is this photo from The New York Times. I was surprised by it -- I didn't know she had three grown children; I thought maybe she had two daughters. This is, left to right, Rose, 20, Caroline, Tatiana, 18, and John, 15. Aren't they stunning kids?

I think Rose, who attends Harvard, has the broad, beautiful face of her grandmother Jackie Bouvier. Caroline Kennedy has really kept these kids under wraps and protected them with her renowned guarded privacy, a better trait in a mother than it is in a senator.


The Blushing Hostess said...

Yes. I figured the children were about those ages but have never seen a photo of them - to your point. I too had mixed feelings about the possibility of CK's appointment and honestly wondered if she would tolerate the prying and finger-pointing. Jackie was as fierce a guardian to her children as Caroline has proved to be and in the end, no doubt that dedication would have been at odds with public life (aka the slugfest that is politics here in the Empire State).
And oh my - Rose is more than just a little bit Jackie!

Bart Boehlert said...

Agree on all points!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Rose certainly has Jackie's eyes. I have to say, while I really think Caroline would be a marvelous Senator...intellect is always a plus...I was surprised that she would be willing to step out into the fray in that way. Part of me sort of hated that for her. Perhaps she realized before it was too, too late. I do wish her the very best.