Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Weekend in Southampton

(click on photos to enlarge)
TD and I went this past weekend to Southampton to visit my brother Thom, his wife Karen, and their son Aaron. We have been invited to their home before and it is always a treat to go there. Especially this past weekend it provided a relaxing respite as TD's beloved mother Edna Dawson passed away two weeks ago in southern New Jersey. They were good buddies and best friends. She was a strong and independent 91-year-old who went to the gym regularly almost until the end, and she will be greatly missed. The funeral was held last Wednesday. You might remember that my mother passed away on Labor Day. In May, my father's last sibling, my aunt Eleanor Noonan passed away in Utica, New York. My aunt Molly recently passed away in Rochester. It's been a lot in a year and a half...

So this excursion on Friday was good timing. Southampton is a beautiful town – all green trees and grey shingle houses and imported cars. On Saturday afternoon, Aaron said to me Let's go for a car ride. He drove the convertible. Stick shift. As we traveled over the back roads, we passed big farms and produce stands. We were heading north, up towards Sag Harbor. Green hills untouched by developers rolled away in the distance. I really didn't know that the Hamptons were so rural. We got up around Sag Harbor and I could view glimpses of blue water through the green trees. We turned around and headed back. As we sped over the country roads it felt like we were flying through heaven.

My clothes for the weekend: blue.

A walk along Main Street in Southampton with its crisp, clean facades.

A riot of Lacroix color exploded out of a flower planter on Main Street.

Real estate + pansies

After dinner at the house TD took a relaxing swim in the pool.

The next day TD and Aaron played kadima on the beach.

TD went swimming in the ocean which is kind of still cold in June but refreshing, and I went in too.

A proper straw hat for a day in the sun.

There was not a cloud in the sky - just fine wisps feathering peacefully past.

The beach is always a healing and restorative place to be.

Big big thanks to our hosts.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brian and Dan Got Married!

Dan Hantman and Brian Healy at their wedding reception (click on photos to enlarge)
I have known Brian Healy since he was five years old, when TD introduced me to friends and neighbors on Jane Street who have since became like family to me. The Healys are a busy and inspiring group – father Don climbed Mount Everest, cousin Nicole got married in New Hamsphire,  and in September sister Mary wed her partner Karima. Recently Brian happily married his partner Dan here in New York City. You can read their wedding announcement in The New York Times here. And, yes, supportive and accepting Don and Joyce Healy win the Parents of the Year Award.

The marriage ceremony was held at our church, Judson Memorial Church, on Washington Square South, and officiated by our senior minister The Reverend Dr. Donna Schaper. During the service, Gershwin's "For You, For Me, For Evermore," was beautifully sung by opera singer Jonathan Tuzo – you may remember when we went to Jonathan's Glimmerglass Opera House recital in Cooperstown. After the ceremony, guests progressed on to the reception held at The National Arts Club on Gramercy Park.

The National Arts Club promotes fine arts and serves as a private club for artists, collectors, and supporters; one of its earliest members was Henry Frick. The club is housed in a mansion which was built in 1845. Inside, visitors today find one of New York City's great interior spaces where dark wood walls, antiques, and artwork seem untouched from the nineteenth century. It offers a gorgeous trip back in time.
Here is a view of the bar -

Over the bar is installed a stunning domed ceiling of stained glass which was designed by John La Farge who also created the colorful stained glass windows at Judson Church between 1892 and 1910.

We wended our way through the big crowd

as a piano player entertained. 

We caught up with some friends - here we are with Brian along with Tom Meehan and his wife Carolyn Capstick. Tom is one of Broadway's most successful (and funniest) writers, having won Tonys for Annie, The Producers and Hairspray.

Lending some glamour: Nicole Parker King and Carrie Ashley Hill who sings and plays guitar in the Brooklyn indie rock band Desert Stars.

The late afternoon light was gently fading as dusk was falling which is my favorite time of day to be in an old-world room. During the violet hour, time seems to stop and everything becomes elegant and relaxed.

There was wonderful furniture

and art everywhere.

Soon it was time to move on to dinner.
And then dancing! Brian and Dan had a dance with their mothers

and later Brian and his sister Mary let loose.

TD and I enjoyed taking a spin on the dance floor ourselves.
There was a photo booth set up where guests could have their pictures snapped.
TD and I scrunching down to fit into the frame –

and me with Brian's mother Joyce.

Jolly good time. The day was a great and joyful celebration, and we were so happy to be there.
At the reception we dropped off a gift card for the boys which TD illustrated.

Inside the card, we wished them the very best for all the good things that are coming in their life together.