Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Golden Globe Awards

I love the Golden Globes. They come along in cold January at the dark moment when we are taking down the Christmas decorations, and arrive unexpectedly bearing beautiful actresses on the red carpet wearing pastel color gowns on a warm night in L.A. Really, it's a treat.

It's interesting to see who wins what, and it's fun to watch our celebs. Gee, I didn't think Angelina Jolie looked well. Too skinny, flat hair, a dull Versace frock hanging off her pale frame. She's a gorgeous woman with fantastic curves; I say put on some weight and smile!

Who were my best-dressed favorites? Hands-down-number-one Marisa Tomei in Oscar de la Renta.

She looked so chic. It's basically a woman in a white blouse and black skirt but it is so sophisticated and easy at the same time. She looked very comfortable. I also love the silver necklaces dangling off of her, like she just tossed them on. This is a great look for just about anybody: elegant, flattering, timeless, relaxed.

Next, two actresses who I realize are both Latin. Interesting. Miss Jennifer Lopez killed in this Marchesa.

When Jennifer Lopez came on stage to begin the show, it was a dazzling sight. Where has this woman been? I think her husband Marc Anthony has kept her home with the twins but it is rumored that they are getting divorced. Really, she needs to get out more. What a diva. This dress caresses her curves like molten gold and it fits to perfection. I like the pulled back hair here, because sometimes she goes for big hair. The bag, which looks like a bar of gold from Fort Knox, is a little too large and distracting but otherwise I think she is the perfect picture of modern Hollywood glamour.

Here is Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker in Reem Acra. I've admired her style before. A scarlet red silk gown with a ginormous train in the back takes a lot of confidence to pull off, and Eva does it with panache. I like her cocked eye brow here. She looks great and she knows it.

I want to mention Renee Zellweger who wore a very striking and interesting dress which you know she will be criticized for. This is not a great picture of it.

When she came out on the stage and walked up to the microphone, she had this inky puddle of black silk at her feet. She looked like Morticia Addams. In a good way. Very dramatic. I thought it was great. Renee wears a lot of Carolina Herrera, but this did not look like the breezy South-of-France gown style that the designer is known for. But it turns out it is Herrera, and I say good for Carolina and Renee because this is a big departure. The sheer top has a nude-color underlay, and then there is voluminous skirt bottom which had a life of its own; modern Edwardian for Hollywood royalty.

Photos from Style.com


cotedetexas said...

ok - I hated Renee's dress-so sorry to be difficult, but oy!
I thought Drew Barrymore looked fabulous- I just really loved her look. Actually - I thought in all - most looked gorgeous!!!

thanks so much for your comment on my blog!!! much appreciated.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I dislike all of these dresses ... except for Marisa Tomei's, which has all sorts of evocations, from Edwardian tea gowns (those sleeves) to Rosalind Russell, et cetera. She does look lovely and chic and intriguing ... three adjectives rarely placed together. I've never thought of Tomei as having any style at all; somebody chose well for her.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

There's also a Millicent Rogers-ness to Tomei's ensemble as well. And the short, tousled hair is very flattering.