Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am trying to think about why I, like so many people, am enthralled by the Obamas. For me, they offer a combination of intelligence, heart and beauty that I have never seen in American politics in my lifetime. I get the feeling that he is a very spiritual person.

The New York Times got some great photographs of the Inauguration. You can see them here. I include them here because...I want to look at them!

Yes, we can!

In Houston, Trennie Amusan, right, and Craig Oettinger, left, react as they watch the Inauguration. Yes we can.


Pigtown*Design said...

Terrific! I just heard that Obama took the oath of office again because Roberts had screwed it up so badly yesterday.

{heehee... my word is pignes!}

hello gorgeous said...

Love that last one!

This will sound weird but my daughter was at the inauguration (well, marching in the parade) and they were instructed not to look at the president when they passed. So, of course, she did.

She said it was like "seeing God." (Can't you just feel Republican eye-rolling?) I'm reluctant to tell anyone that because it was so personal and I don't want it dismissed as idolatry or worship but I think she felt his spirituality somehow.

Ted Dawson said...

I can't see these shots enough.thanks
I have to keep pinching myself!!