Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Japanese Feast

Practically every Friday night for many years, TD and I get sushi from the Japanese restaurant Sukura Hana on Hudson Street between Jane Street and Horatio Street. After a week of work it seems like a very relaxing thing to do, a way to treat ourselves. TD also gets three pieces of shrimp sushi for the two cats – they're spoiled, I know. The proprietor there, Floyd, is a warm and welcoming host. When we lived on Jane Street, TD used to go in to the restaurant to order and bring it home. Since we moved to 15th Street, we order it over the phone and have it delivered so we don't see Floyd, but he takes our order every Friday on the phone.

Well, on Saturday night Floyd invited us to a sixth anniversary party at the restaurant. We toddled over around 9 and got one of the last available tables. Floyd welcomed us with a glass of white wine, and then the procession began:
First we started with edamame, boiled soy beans crusted with salt. You suck the beans out of the pods.

Then some shumai, comfy steamed shrimp dumplings.

Bingo: a plate of lobster

followed by a plate of king crab.

Then came sushi in rainbow hues

and California rolls of avocado and tuna.

All delicious! Floyd is from Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States where he learned sushi making. He now lives in Westchester with his wife and two children. Here we are with the man of the hour, our friend:

This is why I love New York.


Ted Dawson said...

I want to do it again. Such a fun evening and you captured it perfectly. Wish we could have taken Rose and Bell for their shrimp!

Madonna B said...

Delicious...for the eye and for the palate. thank you for this artistic wonderment.!

Unknown said...

What a great guy and friend he is.
Thanks for doing such a great job
of "sharing" your dinner with us.