Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Walk Around the Guilford Green

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TD and I had a nice, relaxing weekend in Guilford, Connecticut, where my parents live. The weather was spectacular, warm temperatures and clear blue sky with golden leaves fluttering to the ground. When we visit Guilford, we always like to go down to the historic Green which is surrounded by stores and churches. On Saturday afternoon, we parked the car and took a stroll. As I have noted here before, Guilford was founded in 1639 so for hundreds of years people have enjoyed beautiful autumn days on this green.
A painted door and a colorful chair welcomed visitors at the shop Flutterby.

A big tree and a little car.

We always stop into Breakwater Books, a good independent book store.

They have the most charming children's book department.

We sat on a bench and ate a sandwich. It was quiet and peaceful. In New York City at times it seems like we're going 100 miles an hour so it was nice to sit and be still. As the afternoon progressed the shadows lengthened.

Leaves crunched underfoot as kids walked by.

Yellow dazzled against a grey house.

Pink rugosa roses were hanging in as long as possible.

There were pots of pansies and mums at the shop April Rose.

This house reminded me of, you guessed it, 611.

We walked down a parallel street, Graves Avenue I think it was. Leaves sparkled down the way

and overhead.

The beige and blue colors on this house were echoed in the fading hydrangea blooms.

Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know, but she did right in front of us!

Back on the Green the sun was offering a final bow.

TD walked on ahead.

The scene was breathtaking. Thank you Guilford for a lovely rest.


Lee said...

I love your photos. The light was so warm and brilliant. Love the chicken crossing. Too cute.

Unknown said...

Sunday in the Park with Bart and TD.
The answer get to the other side!!

Bart Boehlert said...

Hi Lee, thanks about the photos. I was so glad to be there and see that light.
Hi Barbara, maybe Stephen Sondheim will do a revise!

Ella said...

Hi Bart, it's amazing to see your lovely fall photos as we have full winter now. Your pic from the children's book department made me remember a cute film I got together with my first computer (email was something new at that time). The film was You got mail with Meg Ryan who had very personal book shop for children. I also think that movie gave me my opinion ore picture of New York that feels very familiar when I visit your blog Bart.

Gregory Piccini said...

Wow! the columns on that house are amazing!