Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Eureka, I got my first check from Google AdSense! It took only two years to accrue enough ad hits for a $100 check. I just don't know where to spend it all!
But seriously, I like having ads on the site. I know some blog friends keep their sites ad-free but I like my musings and sketches to be connected to the real world of commerce, to "Madison Avenue." And I like some of the ads too. Just as in magazines, sometimes ads add to the fun. Oscar de la Renta and Neiman Marcus have advertised on my site, and a couple of times I've taken screen shots of ads. Here is A Little Night Music, now lighting up Broadway:

An ad for Nordstrom

and this is the Metropolitan Opera's HD program in local movie theaters.

If you like my site please click on the ads to inspire the blogger (moi) to keep going and perhaps I'll receive another check before 2012!

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