Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roses and Refuse

Along the Hudson River Park where I run and ride my bike are blooming right now the most wonderful rugosa roses. It's really a shrub with dark green leaves which explodes with joyous flowers at this time of year. The roses also smell heavenly – fragrant and slightly fruity.

Rugosa roses are native to eastern Asia where they grow on the coast, often on sand dunes. Because the plant is tolerant of seaside salt and wind, it is also known as the beach rose. Tough, low maintenance and salt tolerant, it is often used next to roads which are salted during the winter for ice. Like the West Side Highway.

Mounds of roses have been planted throughout the Hudson River Park – white at the entrance

pink at the water fountain

and along the bike path, with the river beyond

Waves of pink and red at the tennis courts.

I love this flower which is white and pale pink in one bloom.

The best part though is around the big sanitation center.

As you come up on it there are seemingly fields of flowers.

The roses diminish the sanitation truck idling in the background.

The beauty and the fragrance overwhelm.

If you have to have a giant sanitation center, it's nice to have it surrounded by roses, no?


french-treasures said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

Madonna B said...

Good to see someone on the parks commission loves beauty. Thanks for this wonderful photo story.

La Bonne Vivante said...

Rugosas have to be my very favorite roses. I love their timelessness, thier simplicity, their exuberance, and--especially--how easy they are to grow. Great blog; I am a new follower from here on out!