Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day in New York

On Saturday after my yoga class I went over to the Perry Street Sale in the Village where neighbors were selling clothes, books, art, antiques and all kinds of stuff. I love a good street sale. You can find some charming things, and Perry Street is really pretty, lined with brownstone houses and covered by a canopy of trees. I believe Perry Street was where Carrie lived in Sex and the City.

The sale was crowded with shoppers.

After I perused up and back, I bought this metal container pressed into the shapes of leaves and vines. It looks William Morris Edwardian to me. The guy selling it said it's a vase

but I am using it as a waste basket.

I also bought a Liberty of London tie, which I think would be nice worn to a garden party. Like I need another Liberty tie.

But what can I say. Liberty "says Hello to me very distinctly," as Polly Mellen said in Unzipped. Liberty is also an Edwardian company, also featuring florals. Do you see a theme emerging here?

That night TD and headed to the Bowery on the Lower East Side to Pulino's, the new restaurant from Keith McNally which just received a good review in The Times this week. We had a reservation and jumped on the B train but we fouled up and ended up in Brooklyn at Dekalb Avenue. Don't ask. We hustled back and finally arrived at the restaurant, a half hour late.

We cooled our heels at the bar. Like Pastis, Balthazar and Schiller's, the interior includes Keith McNally's signature tiled walls, exposed brick, and old-fashioned lighting so that this brand new restaurant looks like it had been there forever. The place was completely packed and the noise level was thunderous but it was a fun environment.

We ended up commandeering two chairs at the end of the bar for the best seats in the house, and decided to eat at the bar, so being late worked out. Pulino's features mainly pizza, and the food from chef Nate Appleman was really good. We split a roasted fennel salad, and creamy mozzarella with a beet salad.

Then, a pizza with rock shrimp and a pizza with sausage. Really delicious food. I can still taste it. We drank Coney Island lager beers on tap with it.

Here is the hardworking kitchen.

I love the wood and metal racks in the foreground.

Then we toddled down to Rivington Street to celebrate the birthday of my cousin and godchild Erin who had invited her friends to the bar Marshall Stack. Cool dark bar, more exposed brick and old-fashioned pendant lighting. I drank delicious Sixpoint ale which is made in Brooklyn. Erin has a lot of interesting friends and she loves New York, just like her godfather.


Anonymous said...

I loved this article. Beautiful pictures and one text that makes me travel until there.

Leila Silva

Unknown said...'s a wonderful town.
Great post.

Laura said...

I love those street sales over in the West Village, such a wonderful respite from the other "street fairs" in the city. Glad you enjoyed Pulino, I've head mixed things but you've convinced me to give it a try!