Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers From the Market

TD and I headed over to the Union Square Farmers' Market on Saturday where things are now in full swing. We always go first to the north east corner of Union Square to the Durrs' truck. They have a plenitude of offerings year 'round. On Saturday there were bouquets mixed with different flowers, which look pinkish here because of the red tent overhead.

There were clouds of what I call little daisies; I don't know their proper name.

These are branches of cranberry something, I couldn't understand the guy's accent. I love flowers, but I also love things that are not flowers – vines, leaves, branches, berries like this.

Other vendors offered a wealth of potted plants for the garden

and buckets of lilies.

We bought a bunch of the little daisies and cranberry branches and a mixed bouquet.

The cranberry branches went into the galvanized florist's bucket. TD added in some of the daisies. I like an arrangement that is loose, airy, simple and natural looking – as if it was just cut from your own garden. It gives a feeling of the country when you're in the city. Over-sized is good too.

I took the bouquet apart and put some of the red bits into our radicchio vase from Tiffany's. The colors of the flowers repeat in the hand-painted vase.

TD likes a flower on his bedside table so he got the sunflower.

The little daisies went in the entry hall, where they light up at night.

After all the arranging, everyone was pooped.

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french-treasures said...

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and for glimpses of your beautiful apartment.