Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life on the River

Today was a beautiful day to run along the Hudson River. It was cool and white clouds skittered past the bright sun. People were talking on their cell phones making Mother's Day calls: "Are you having a nice day?"

The ad agency where I am working is on the 36th floor of the silver building on the left with the flat top downtown. A plain exterior but fantastic glass offices inside and amazing views.

The white building in the center here on the West Side Highway across the street from the Hudson River was featured in an interesting story this week in The New York Times. The couple who lives there have seven children and have renovated eleven properties! And now the whole family is signed up with the Ford Modeling Agency. Energetic New Yorkers! The building was once the site of a bicycle shop.

When TD and I moved, we looked at an apartment one block south on the West Side Highway. We thought it would be neat to live on the river, but the highway was noisy; you don't think of that part. Maybe this family has soundproof windows. You can read the The New York Times story here.

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Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I was curious where that uberchic family lived...thanks for the photo! I promise to let you know when NYC is in the agenda book...right now I'm looking at flights to Italy and Slovenia...:)