Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poor Bell

Bell is saying, "What happened?"

We took her to get spayed on Tuesday, and she came home with this cone on her head which deters her from scratching the incision for ten days. But the poor thing! She's walking into furniture, and dragging the cone through her food. We're just following doctor's orders.

The vet calls it an Elizabethan collar, so it least it sounds nice.

Readers are asking, how is your other cat Rose? She's good; she has become accustomed to the kitten and I think even enjoys her company at times. But we have noticed that when Bell is in duress, like now, Rose hisses and growls, and generally gives her a hard time.


Karen Orr said...

I've never heard of using the Elizabethan collar after spaying a cat. Perhaps Bell found the stitches more bothersome than most cats do. My cats have been unfazed by spaying.

I hope Bell feels better soon. She is an especially beautiful cat

Unknown said...

Elizabethan collar certainly works better on the "Beautiful Things" blog than satellite dish, also a moniker. I can't explain away Rose's bad attitude entirely, but whenever one of my cats returns from the vet, its siblings hiss and growl. Probably that vet-smell, bringing back bad memories. It's too bad. The poor, sick kitty, happy to be home, is shunned by its pals. sheila