Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Trip to the Farmer's Market

I went over to the Farmer's Market at Union Square on Saturday. The construction going on there still has the popular and crowded market squished into a small and uncomfortable space. I asked a woman in the market information booth when the construction will be done, and she replied, "Last week." It's supposed to be completed already... Hopefully it will be finished soon.

I took a canvas tote to the market for shopping because I don't like coming home with seven plastic bags that could possibly be floating around in the ocean for the next three million years. Here is my tote, with Bell inspecting.

This is what came out of the bag:
Phlox, which smells wonderful and is such a pretty light lavender color. To me it's a Swedish color.

English ivy for the container garden out front. The leaves are edged with white. I think I have said before that I like plants with variegated leaves because the white edging gives the leaf definition so you can see the shape better.

A bunch of arugula. I love the bitter, earthy taste of arugula.

Two bags of mixed lettuces. This is the first week that I saw lettuce at the market, and I have been waiting for it patiently. You really do learn about seasonal crops when you shop at the farmer's market.

Asparagus. Yum. I got our vegetables for the week, all from local farms.

A successful trip to the market.

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