Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Farmers Market

Ted and I go to the Farmers Market at Union Square on Saturday mornings; its one of our favorite things now about our location is our proximity to the Farmers Market. These last two weeks in August are the high point for the market; everything is glorious -- tomatoes, flowers, peaches, vegetables. 
Miles of peaches

So many plants--

Red and yellow peppers


Jewel-like tomatoes 

Flower stand

At the market I got the flowers below, if you can call them flowers. Ted wasn't so crazy about them but I think they're great. They look like thistles, but the man said they are some kind of bean. I like their bristly, weed-like texture and dusty pink color. They are in our radicchio vase from Tiffany's, given to us our by friends Margaret and Dick Holman on the occasion of our union ceremony in 2000; it is one of my very favorite possessions. 

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