Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Beach Vacation

Ted and I are in Fire Island Pines for a week vacation. Herkimer, New York to Fire Island Pines in one week: I know!

The train trip out was a bit arduous. When we started it was sunny and nice. Then came a dark storm with big rain and wind. Then, the train stopped. At the Great River train station, only two stops away from our destination, they couldn't release the breaks on the engine. The train didn't move. We sat and waited for an hour. They said they were sending for a "mobile unit" to fix the engine. Aarrghhh...

Then in the train station parking lot appeared suddenly the vans that take you from the Sayville train station to the ferry boat; they had come to Great River to pick us up. Everyone ran out of the train. "Ted, let's hurry up!" We didn't want to get stuck there. Mobs of men with Vuitton luggage rushed to the vans like the last refugees out of Vietnam. I got ahead and secured us two seats, and we made it to the ferry boat.

On to the boat, and then this:

The sun again, and a great beach vacation.

Ted and I love the beach. We're like hippies living on the beach: relaxing, running, reading, swimming, eating, sleeping.

Except when it rains. Which it is doing now...

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