Thursday, November 21, 2013

Instagram Fan

Two of my favorite New York icons: the Empire State Building from inside the New York Public Library
As you probably can tell from the blog, I like to take pictures of New York City or wherever I happen to be. Visitors seem to enjoy the photographs on the blog, as well as the stories. Kind of recently, I signed up for Instagram, the photo sharing app, and these are some photos from my Instagram account.
Feeling fallish with flowers and candles –

City Hall Park with the Manhattan Municipal Building beyond –

A walk in the woods in Connecticut – 

The elegant Audubon Center in Prospect Park in Brooklyn –

A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art found me looking at a Sargent painting in the American Wing –

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Unknown said...

I always love your pix Bart!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!!! And how did I not know that you can see the Empire State Building from the library - that's a great shot.

Bart Boehlert said...

Thank you!
Abigail, sometimes that window has a big shade on it but when I passed by it was clear –