Friday, August 2, 2013

A Trip to Fire Island, plus an iPhone Saga

Walking on the beach. Later I realized that is decorator Miles Redd in the light blue shorts 
TD and I were invited out to Fire Island Pines this past weekend to visit our friends David and Gary. You may remember we visited them last summer, and it was lovely to be invited back. They are wonderful, easy-going hosts and we have a very relaxing time.

The train out to Sayville on Friday afternoon was completely packed with summer travelers. At Jamaica we had to change trains. The conductor announced that we would be arriving on track 6. We were directed to cross through the train sitting on track 7 and board the train on track 8. Confusing! We pulled into Jamaica and several hundred people rushed along the platforms to make the transfer. I was ahead, TD was behind. I ran on to a car and found one seat. TD found a seat nearby. I sat down and reached into my pocket for my iPhone. No phone.

It fell out of my pocket on the first train.

I had just bought a new iPhone 5 because the microphone on my first phone was not working. Those things are so light and slim! It slipped out of my pocket. I told TD. I was crushed. Plus there is a sense of helplessness when you lose your phone, email, camera, photos and everything else that is on the iPhone.

In Sayville, we got on a little van to get to the ferry to cross the Great South Bay for Fire Island Pines. In the van, I borrowed TD's phone to call my phone. I was hoping someone found it and would answer. As I was holding TD's phone, it rang. It said "Bart is calling." It was a call from my phone. "Hello!" I said, "You have my phone." The guy said, "I found it on the train. Do you want me to return it to Long Island Railroad Lost and Found. No, actually, I want the reward."

"Ok," I said. "Can you give me your name and number in case the battery runs down on my phone." "No," he said. "Just call your phone back." He said to come to the Baldwin train station to pick it up. I told him I didn't know where Baldwin was but would figure it out and come for it on Sunday on the way back into New York. 

On Sunday from TD's phone I texted my phone and said we would be on a train in Baldwin at 5:30. The guy texted back: $50@5:30. Ok I said. I told him I would be at the first door of the first car for a hand off so I wouldn't have to get off the train and wait for the next one. As we approached Baldwin I was anxious. What if he hasn't there? What if he suddenly demanded more money? What if there was some sort of scuffle. "Spread out the money so he can see it," TD said. I took my bags to the door in case I needed to jump off. As the train pulled in to the station I braced myself at the door. TD watched out the window and said, "Here he comes, I see him." The doors opened. The guy was holding my phone in paper towels (no finger prints?). I handed him the bills and he gave me my phone. "Your security code is 1,2,3,4," he said. "What?" I said. The train doors closed. He had turned on the phone's Passcode Lock. I was very glad to get my phone back, and I will use the Passcode Lock from now on so that strangers cannot go through my phone.

In between the drama on Friday and Sunday, we had a great weekend!
Saturday the weather was beautiful and bright.

Volleyball game on the beach

A gorgeous garden along Midway Walk. 

For cocktail hour before dinner we went to Low Tea Dance at Sip 'N Twirl where fab DJ Lina Bradford was playing her favorites.

A blue whale on the boardwalk.

You can't help but have fun on Fire Island.
I can't believe it's now August already. Summer goes by so fast.
A hope you are having a good summer dear reader.


Dean Farris said...

Yikes Bart! You certainly do know how to keep a cool head- so glad you got the fone back- and still managed to enjoy the trip!


Bart Boehlert said...

Thanks Dean!

Gail, northern California said...

I guess I don't understand...why would anyone feel the need to charge you for the return of your phone?

Glad you got it back though.

Bart Boehlert said...

Dear Gail,
I wish --

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

High drama on the road to Sayville! Glad it all turned out! xx