Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dreams in the City

BB with artist Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Last week we were invited on one night to two artists' openings here in New York City. We were just back from a trip to Florida so the cold rainy weather was a bit of shock, but never mind. First stop was 1stdibs. You may remember my visit to the new 1stibs showroom at the New York Design Center on Lexington Avenue which features more than fifty antique dealers. That space also includes a gallery where now on display through April 15 is an exhibition of the work of photographer Greg Lotus which was curated by Charles Churchward. 1stdibs founder Michael Bruno hosted the opening along with model Molly Sims. “I chose to present Greg Lotus’s work as our first photography exhibition because it is thought-provoking, sensual and graphic,” Michael told me.

Dividing his time between New York City and Miami, Greg Lotus shoots for a range of top flight magazines and advertisers, most notably Italian Vogue. Cinematic and surreal, his work presents his own polished, personal dreams. Whether it's a woman walking a giraffe

or striking shadows on a nude,

the images evoke a glamorous world of fantasy and imagination.
Your correspondent with photographer Greg Lotus –

Then it was on to dreams of another sort downtown at the Clic Gallery on Centre Street in Soho where Lulu de Kwiatkowski is exhibiting her collages now through May 8. Flowers, birds, lollipops, beach umbrellas and more make up the whimsical visions of the artist.

Two years ago Lulu published a book of her work, and she is also a successful textile designer with a good blog. Lulu is the daughter of Henryk de Kwiatkowski who famously was imprisoned and escaped from a Nazi Siberian labor camp, made a fortune in New York as an aeronautics financier, and became a world class breeder of thoroughbred horses. His wife, Lulu's mother, Lynne de Kwiatowksi Russo, encouraged her daughter's artwork and introduced him to horses and the world of breeding. His second wife, Barbara Allen, the model and Andy Warhol confidante, is Lulu's stepmother.

Lulu told me she's been with her husband, whom she met in Paris when she was 21, for nineteen years. They have twin sons, and she said she just had another baby son exactly three months ago. The family now lives in L.A.
Talking with Lulu –

"The collages are about family, life, death, travel," said Lulu. "There are even love letters in some."

Many people hold an idealized vision of their childhood in their head, and Lulu has created hers through collage. "They are a visual autobiography of my life," she said.

The work is colorful, bright, sparkling, warm, like Lulu herself.

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