Friday, April 15, 2011

At-Home Art Project

When TD and I moved to 15th Street we discovered that the art work that we have by artists, family and friends that had previously been spread around looked good when it was arranged together on one wall in the light green living room. We selected art work that was similar in type – colorful and clear. Their frames turned out to be similar too, either white or pale wood tone. We did a similar exercise in the library/office over my desk but there the collection is largely of old family photographs and the frames are dark wood on a grey painted wall.
In the living room though three of the frames on the wall were black and stuck out visually. I walked over to the frame store AI Friedman on 17th Street and looked for some replacements but they didn't have the proper sizes in white or light wood. So I came home and painted the three black frames white with some paint we had in the closet – a trick I learned from TD. And now I think the arrangement looks better – airy, pleasing, bright.

A blog reader emailed to ask me what became of the watercolor TD bought at the Greene Art Gallery in Connecticut and here is the answer:

It is at home on the living room wall towards the left side. To its right is a watercolor of a Jeep by TD's mother who is a good artist.
I love how these white tulips tinged with red complement the art. The whole set up is pretty clean and simple, and it makes my eye happy.


Ella said...

Bart, you and TD have a wonderful wall and it must feel special that so many of the art work are made of your friends and family.

The tulips are just perfect there on the together with the art work.

Bart Boehlert said...

Thanks Ella, we like having these around us –

Bart Boehlert said...

And I want to thank the reader who emailed me this comment:
"What a beautiful little gallery. I hope guests are given
time to browse through when visiting your place. Don't
be in a hurry to 'have them take a seat'."

Guests are free to wander!

lavithran said...
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