Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer in the City

The sun setting over the Hudson River from the Chelsea Piers on a warm summer night.

Last Saturday morning I walked over to the Union Square Farmer's Market where the bounty of summer is now in full tilt.

I loved the purple flowers in the foreground here and I bought a bunch; I'm not sure what they are called.

After my yoga class at the Chelsea Piers I rode the blue Schwinn over to a flea market on 25th Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway. It's in a vacant parking lot, and I hadn't been there before. Honestly I wasn't thrilled with the vendors there though I did like these colorful strung beads that look like jelly beans.

Then I stumbled upon a guy with good taste. And that's what the flea market is all about isn't it – the thill of discovery.

I really liked the big iron ornament shaped like a globe with an arrow through it which was standing on the glass case. The vendor said that earlier in the day it was priced at $75 but now it was $40.
Dear reader, it was hard to bicycle home with that heavy iron thing on my handle bars, I'll tell you that.

I put the purple flowers in a pretty green glass vase which I bought at the Salvation Army for $4. I especially like the white flowers which have a purple edge.

They look good at night too.

I put the heavy iron ornament on top of the iron and wood book shelf. I just love it.
It looks good at night as well.

Update: My friend Nannette emails to say that the flowers are lisianthus and my friend Meg suggests that the metal thing is an armillary.


Unknown said...

Love your blog! The iron ornament looks quite at home and the flowers
pick up the colors on your pillows.

Bart Boehlert said...

Barbara, Thanks for visiting, and your comment!

BookishNYC said...

That looks terrific! You have a good eye.

french-treasures said...

What a great find! And worth the struggle to get it home.

helen tilston said...

You have a wonderful eye and what a treasure you found. I would have chuckled seeing you ride home with it on the handlebars - what a lovely story
Helen Tilston

Pigtown*Design said...

is the iron thing an amillary?

and don't you just adore the sunflowers? i got three huge bunches yesterday to put in my enamel flower buckets. they're on my blog.


mim said...

Your blog has been so satisfying to us stuck at home people who can't get up to NYC to visit our daughter due to bathroom renovations grrrr. Thank you so much. I love reading your blog, seeing what you're seeing. The metal thing is terrific. Thanks for sharing all of this with me.

Bart Boehlert said...

Thanks to all my visitors! Appreciate it –

Bebe said...

Actually, the "thing" is an armillary. They have been around for eons of time and never fail to satisfy
that 'complete circle' feeling for which we all seem
to yearn.

It looks swell to this designer's eye!
Blue Harris