Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are off for Thanksgiving in Connecticut. "Over the river and through the woods" on MetroNorth. But on Sunday at our great church Judson Memorial on Washington Square South, I brought some flowers for the tables of the Thanksgiving meal.
I started with a pile of things.

On Saturday I went to the Union Square Farmer's Market, and at the Durr's truck, I got bunches of eucalyptus, some kind of purple berries, and little yellow and orange peppers. At the Farmer's Market, you just show up and see what they have. At the deli on Fifth Avenue I got a dozen white roses. All together, $31.

On Sunday at church I put one of each into a cylindrical glass vase. My friend artist Prinny Alavi scattered around the vases some leaves which she had painted and pine cones touched with gold.

It's meant to look natural, as if things just blew in.

Putting three of four different things together is a pretty fail-safe way to arrange flowers. I like things to be loose with plenty of air and space around them. It's nature, with a little artful turn.

Here's hoping you have a beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend – very best wishes to you and yours.

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