Friday, September 18, 2009

J. Crew Knows Best

The good people over at J. Crew sent me a video clip about a new service they are offering for men called "Jack Knows Best." Their in-house style consultant will be answering sartorial questions for men who need some style help.
The video clip which you can watch below is pretty cute – I only wish it went slower so I could see all the clothes. It looks like we move through all four seasons and from casual to formal – fun!
I have said here before that I really like what is going on at J. Crew now. For men, it's classics with a nip and a tuck so that shapes are narrower and more fitted. For women, it's pretty clothes in cheerful colors like pink and yellow plus the sparkle of jewelry for a style that is happy and optimistic. There is not a lot of black at J. Crew – I'm with Anna Wintour, and Michelle Obama, on this: black is for funerals. Going into J. Crew is like walking into a candy store, and I like that.

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