Friday, August 14, 2009

A Week at the Beach

TD and I had a great vaca on Fire Island. Though the weather did not co-operate at the end, it was sunny and hot at the beginning which was heavenly. We rented the apartment which we took last year in Fire Island Pines, the popular gay community. By now you know that we love the beach. Fire Island is a narrow strip of sand so you are never far from the ocean. It's reached by ferry boat and there are no cars on the island. For that reason it has kind of a wild hippie feeling about it, and it is relaxing to get away from cars and traffic and that kind of noise. We go to the beach every day, me under an umbrella, and read, eat, run, relax.

Here's the view from under the umbrella.

I was reading this book: The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake about French fashion in Paris in the 1970's which basically revolved around Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. I think I bought this book because I love its cover design. It's a delicious read and I highly recommend it; a wonderful writer is such a delight to discover, and great company at the beach.

Beach hippie: from left to right, a bead bracelet with one gold 18k bead that I bought at Bergdorf Goodman, a sterling silver bracelet TD bought for me when we visited an Indian reservation in Taos, New Mexico, a beaded bracelet that I made, and wooden Buddha beads I bought at the flea market in Hell's Kitchen.

Last weekend was "Black Out" in the neighboring town of Cherry Grove, and the Pines – a beach party for people of color. Our knowledgeable friend Philip suggested that after we had a drink at low tea dance around 7:00, to proceed on to another destination, Sip 'n Twirl, to see DJ Lina in action. We walked up the wooden stairs to find a crowd of people dancing to R & B outside at dusk. Lina is transgendered – you can see her below in the green dress with arms raised. Though this picture is illuminated with a flash, it was dark and sultry with everybody swaying back and forth. It was small, it was intimate, it wasn't the typical Pines crush of people, and the DJ created the magic of community with her music – yes, it was an Obama moment!

Here is DJ Lina the next night, Sunday night. Fab look, no? But not the same crowd and not the same magic.

Here is TD at the beach...

enjoying the view.

It was great to get away to the beach, and nice to be home again too.
Hope you are having a good summer also --

from BB.


Unknown said...

What a nice vicarious vacation. Great photo of Ted--he looks like a head from a Roman statue.

Bart Boehlert said...

Yes he is a classic!

Errant Aesthete said...

Wonderful post! The hippie beaded band was exactly right (not too much or too little) and the photography ... well, I could smell the salt.

And your read recommendations are always spot on.

Your getaways are always so idyllic and never seem to be encumbered with one wrong note.

Z said...

I was there that weekend-:) It was FUN!