Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preparing for Easter

In keeping with the flower theme, TD and I went over to the Union Square Farmer's Market this morning because I am bringing flowers to our great church, Judson Memorial Church, for Easter tomorrow along with another member, Kim Kelly. Unfortunately this morning it was pouring rain. I felt bad for the farmers who definitely could have done more holiday business if it was a nice day. I got bunches of tulips and daffodils. More on these flowers later. In the blowing deluge the flower lady said, "Thanks for coming out on this lovely shopping day!"

TD got a beautiful white hydrangea and put it in our blackberry cache pot from Tiffany's which happens to be one of my very favorite possessions.

It is a cherished gift from my aunt Ellen. I've said here before that I love botanical patterns that aren't florals and this is a perfect example of that. Berries, leaves and vines on a cross hatch texture create a design that looks like something Claude Monet would have had in his dining room at Giverny. When TD and I had a commitment ceremony in 2000, we received the rest of the blackberry pattern which includes plates I use every day and a tea set which comes out on cold winter days. Love it.

My friend Abby invited us to brunch tomorrow after church. Abby is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and she and her husband John have three of the cutest kids on the planet earth. We are going to bring them an Easter basket and decided to dye eggs.

With an exacto knife I poked little holes in the eggs and blew out the insides.

Into bowls of water I put a dollop of vinegar and drops of food coloring.

I left the eggs in the coloring for awhile.

Colorful plastic eggs came from the drug store. We had this basket in a closet along with some pale blue Easter grass made out of paper. I like it better than the shiny green plastic grass.

These gourmet jelly beans are in gorgeous, sophisticated, mottled colors. Jelly beans are beautiful now!

I put some jelly beans into the plastic eggs. The plastic eggs are hinged. Clever. Bell thinks so too.

The plastic eggs went into the basket along with some little marshmallow chicks TD bought. When the dyed eggs were dry, we decorated them with magic markers. We made a little card and tied it on to the basket handle with a green ribbon. Voila.

Happy Easter, Happy Holidays my friends!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

...the marshmallow chicks made it even more adorable! ~Happy Easter as you & your family!

designerman said...

this is exactly what i think of when i think of easter! love it!!

Kwright said...

You guys are too cute. BTW... growing up we never blew out the eggs, just hard boiled them *GASP* ... I KNOW right? How exactly do you blow them out *embarrassed*