Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mercedes Benz/Conde Nast Digital

The Live Well Dashboard is the big project that I have been working on for Mercedes Benz and Conde Nast Digital. The campaign is now live on eighteen Conde Nast sites; click on the image to use the dashboard which is an aggregation of a lot Conde Nast lifestyle features and videos. In the dashboard, I wrote the headlines and the feature summaries including the tips.

More content will be added each week and by the end there will be 70 features and 30 videos from Conde Nast. It's very cool, and I've learned some style tips while writing it. For instance, did you know that pizza Margherita was named after the last living queen of Italy?

There is an article about this groundbreaking campaign in Ad Age.

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Pigtown*Design said...

WOW! what a terrific job! I can't wait to start reading.