Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Style

The great American artist Georgia O'Keefe said: "Art is important in everyday life. When you buy a pair of shoes or place a window or address a letter or comb your hair, consider it carefully so that it looks well."


Errant Aesthete said...

Ravishing pictures of O'Keefe, particularly the first.

It's so seldom, it seems, that she's portrayed as happy, smiling and engaged. I had posted a picture of her with her long time lover, photographer, Alfred Steigletz, a few weeks back ( and it, too, conveyed this wonderfully impish quality about her that was utterly charming.

Madonna B said...

This post is a jewel...
Love the photos and the quote
is priceless.
thanks so much!

Bart Boehlert said...

Hi E.A.
Glad you like these picture, I had enjoyed your post too. You know Stieglitz and O'Keefe lived together in Lake George, NY but she found it too cold and dark, and moved out west. Having grown up in upstate NY I know what she meant!