Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Spin Around the Block

Saturday morning, when me mum was visiting, we went out for a walk. We stopped into Anthropology on Fifth Avenue -- I love Anthropology. I head to the back to the home department. They have wonderful books and antiquey type things, all very charming. Their windows and displays are always great -- kind of humble and homespun, a lot of cut paper. I love these holiday paper chains which remind me of grade school, but the all white is nice.

These living hyacinths smelled wonderful. They were in a white crystal fake snow -- hyacinths blooming in snow.

Red berries stuck in a pot. Just a touch of red.

Here's TD; ain't he cute?

Then we walked over to the Union Square Farmers Market, now selling Christmas trees and poinsettias. These beautiful orchids were housed in a tent warmed by heaters.

At the south end of Union Square, Christmas shops are now set up. I bought presents for my nephews and niece. The holidays will soon be here.

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