Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Holiday Round-Up

Several years ago our niece Jane made birthday hats for TD and I, and I get them out every Christmas; you can see mine in the front and TD's toward the back in this plant stand in the living room. The old metal rusty plant stand was in our garden on Jane Street, and I love it. It was given to us by our friend Irene Connors and originally belonged to Jean Verral, who is now 103 and a half, and still lives on Jane Street.

On Saturday night Jane and Ben came to visit and we watched WALL-E on dvd. Before the movie, there was some drawing of a tortoise. TD's drawing is on the right, Ben's on the left.

For Christmas Bell got a scratching post. She is very grateful.


Alexa said...

One good bookmarking deserves another—of course, I had bookmarked you as well. Yes, this is lots of fun.
Re your Christmas goodies here: The second photo of the grateful cat is brilliant.

designerman said...

i agree! love that 2nd pic - kitty heaven.