Sunday, October 5, 2008

We went on a weekend with some friends from our great church, Judson Memorial. We were in Ivoryton, Connecticut, which was beautiful. The weather on Saturday was spectacular -- clear blue vibrating sky and golden yellow leaves shimmering on the trees over head. Wonderful artists, musicians and writers were there, and we had a great time. At night we circled around a bonfire near the lake, faces illuminated by the leaping flames and bodies receding into black darkness. At one dinner I sat next to Bob Thomason. He told me about his three month bicycle ride through Germany. He stayed with families, and said, "Whenever I go on a trip I try to take part in the culture of the place."
He's 80, turning 81.
I said to him, "Where is your wife?" He said she was in Ohio for the the last week campaigning for Obama. Very inspiring people. He said to me, "I'm having a fantastic life!"

Ted and I took a row boat ride on the lake.
My trusty rower.

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