Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autum Arrives

Fall has come to the Farmers Market, with mums

and pumpkins.

It was cool and crisp today. I love the cool, crisp weather of Fall. It reminds me of school -- high school, and running on the cross country team over hill and dale in New Hartford, New York. And it reminds me of college -- McGill, and being back in Montreal which I loved. I always liked the clothes involved with going back to school -- woolly sweaters and corduroy pants, and I had a great tan color corduroy blazer which came from Rudy's, the legendary men's store in Herkimer, New York. Fall has a kind of innocence to it, the feeling that life is full of hope and anything can happen. No matter how long I am out of school, Fall always brings for me the feeling of fresh beginnings.

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