Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mad Men

Like everyone else, I am being whipped into a p.r. frenzy over the premier on Sunday night of the new season of Mad Men on AMC. The entire first season was shown on AMC last Sunday and I recorded it on DVR, so we have been watching episodes all week. The show is excellent -- extremely well written and produced. It's quiet and the scenes are long, which is unusual on tv now.

I love the men's clothes. Set on Madison Avenue (get it?) in 1960, the men wear suits, in varying shades of grey, with single-breasted jackets and flat-front pants. I like grey clothes. I think they look good with grey hair (see below), and grey is softer than black which can be hard and harsh, especially in the winter when one needs to see light, bright colors.

With their grey suits the Mad Men wear white French cuff shirts, and narrow solid color ties. Short, slicked-back Clark Kent hair and a linen pocket square finishes the look. It's quintessentially American; no one else in the world looks like this. It's JFK, who is mentioned often in this show, and Cary Grant in North by Northwest. The style is strong, simple, clean, tailored. The clothes follow the lines of the body; there are no over-sized tee shirts or giantly pleated pants or baggy cargo shorts flopping about. It's flattering and handsome and never goes out of style. I think you can't go wrong with this kind of look.

Mad Men inspired Michael Kors' Fall 2008 women's collection:

One thing I'm not crazy about is that the show seems sexist. It's all about the men, and the women revolve around the men like satellites, as in The Sopranos. (The creator of Mad Men is Matthew Weiner, who was a writer on The Sopranos.) It's not a very modern take. I understand that it's a period piece, set in the 60's, but still.

Let's see what happens this season.

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