Saturday, July 26, 2008

Irish Eyes

I got this little Belleek vase today on the left at an antique store that I haunt and placed it in front of a mirror in the living room. I love Belleek, the Irish porcelain decorated with shamrocks. What can I say, I'm Irish (mostly). My great-grandfather Dan O'Donnell came from County Sligo and arrived in New York on Sept 6, 1881. He became a railroad engineer in Herkimer, New York, and had eleven children, but that's another LONG story. When my cousin Mary Border and I went to Ireland in 1980, I brought my grandmother back some Belleek; I wonder what happened to that piece. On this little vase I love how the handpainted shamrocks climb up the side in one chain. If you click on the image to make it bigger you can see the shamrocks better. 

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