Friday, December 23, 2016

The Holiday Pleasures of Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman is is one of my favorite places in New York and I wrote a chapter about working for the store in my book How I Look. Last week I stopped into BG, which was recently designated a New York City landmark and is now decked out in its holiday finery. The big holiday windows that glow jewel-like on Fifth Avenue are dazzling at night. This year the theme is adventures and emerald-green tones were prevalent throughout. In the window pictured above, a jungle princess resplendent in a Marc Jacobs gown perched next to an exotic and elegant gorilla that was completely covered in green beads.
A damsel wearing a CD Greene sequined gown and carrying a dainty parasol tippy-toed on a tightrope over a river filled with fish below –

On the 58th Street side, a holiday reveler was dressed in a colorful Libertine coat –

When Bergdorf Goodman was recently renovated, a new window was punched into the wall on 58th Street offering a fresh view from the sidewalk into the store. Colorful dresses by Gucci, Marchesa and Valentino lured the eye in –

Inside the main door, event designer David Monn, who we met in November, has constructed a collage-like, pale grey Christmas tree which echoes the tones of the store's interior –

Throughout the store, clothes on display, like this Gucci dress, looked like festive Christmas ornaments themselves –

One of my favorite corners in Bergdorf Goodman houses the Los Angeles-based label Libertine. The clothes are embellished with all kinds of happy beads and sequins and decorations –

The clash of colors and textures at Libertine is delightful –

Around the corner, Prada presented a cleansing contrast in sharp black and white –

Bergdorf Goodman always offers an entertaining eyeful. But it was a freezing cold night and I was happy to get home to our cozy Christmas tree –

I am wishing you all the best for warm and cozy holidays!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

What a lovely tree you have at home, Merry Christmas! So glad you shared these shop windows at Bergdorfs, always my favorite. I wasn't able to make it up to check them out this season. oh well -next year! Happy 2017 (or at least as good as we can muster given what we're working with here)!

Bart Boehlert said...

Architect Design, Thank you! As Judy Garland sang, have yourself a merry Christmas and we'll muddle through somehow!

Dean Farris said...


Merry! This post reminded me of Roz Russell in Auntie Mame-
Fabulous and over the top!
Those Libertine pieces are sensational!
Thanks for sharing!

Kisses, Betty (Grable)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love the window of the NY stores, and these are some of my favorites! Thanks so much for sharing. I love your beautiful and big tree as well.

Happy New Year!

Splenderosa said...

The ULTIMATE luxury shopping experience!
Those windows make me swoon.
Happy New Year, Bart.

Bart Boehlert said...

Happy New Year Dean, Elizabeth and Marsha! All the best --