Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrating Fifth Avenue Style with Howard Slatkin at Bergdorf Goodman

The book party for Howard Slatkin (center) was hosted by Deborah Needleman, the editor in chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine (left), and Deeda Blair (right).  
Howard Slatkin, the low profile interior designer with high flying clients like the Rothschilds and the incredibly chic New York philanthropist and fashion icon Deeda Blair, is publishing this month with The Vendome Press a luxurious book which celebrates his amazing apartment on upper Fifth Avenue. And I'll tell you, it's an eyeful.

Howard spent three years decorating the apartment, and details from furniture to fixtures to finishes were exquisitely crafted specially for him. The resulting amalgam of ornate riches is captured in the new book Fifth Avenue Style which was celebrated at a party at Bergdorf Goodman. I had not met Howard before but when I approached him at his party, he looked at me and said, "I know who you are – I read your blog all the time." That was nice! He told me that what inspires his interior design the most is traveling. "Russia, Germany, France, and England inspire me," he said.
Yours truly with Howard – 

While Howard talked with friends and signed books, I spoke with Deeda Blair, whose elegantly quiet pale grey apartment was published in T Magazine. "Howard and I collaborate," she told me. "My home is very simple. Howard brings order and he has very imaginative ideas."

Deborah Needleman was chic in a black sweater from Topshop and a sparkly skirt by Jason Wu. "Have you been to Howard's apartment?" she said to me. "He is such a maximalist. It's layer upon layer yet it's sublime. By a less skilled eye it would drive me crazy but he is a master, and it's so beautiful and serene. Every square inch you could stare at for an hour."

The book offers a thorough tour through the apartment with luscious photographs by Tria Giovan.
Here is the floor plan of the residence –

When visitors get off the elevator they are greeted in the vestibule which flickers with candlelight reflecting in mirrors.

The book includes "Before" photos and inspiration collage boards. This spread illustrates the dining room, which is pictured on the book's cover.

I love the screening room which looks like a Turkish fantasy. A projector and screen come out of the ceiling.

Screening room inspirations –

A guest room offers a beautiful place to rest –

The book is a complete immersion in Old World style and a happy celebration of Howard's romantic artistry. It's a lovely trip. And it's inspiring too. Light some candles. Be imaginative. Create something that is in your mind, and is yours and yours alone. 

See Deeda Blair's pale grey apartment, published in T Magazine. 
See more of Howard's lavish apartment, published in T Magazine.


tina villa said...

That floor plan is the best! The NY TImes piece says his dining room is inspired by . . . the Vatican. You can't do better than that.

Bart Boehlert said...

Tina, Isn't the floor plan great - very charming!

Samantha said...

WOW, that screening room! What I would give to view a classic in there. I wish I had an apt like that - even the floor plan is a work of art. Great post, Bart!