Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Pleasure

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Recently at the Union Square Farmer's Market, at the Durr's truck, I bought these gladiolas. This big bunch was only $6. I love the spectrum of bright colors, and how they match the peaches and the tomatoes also from the Farmer's Market. When I was growing up, upstate in New Hartford, New York, in the summertime we, the kids, drove with my mother in the station wagon over back country roads to Clinton to a farmer's stand where she bought colorful gladiolas. It was often in the late afternoon when it wasn't so hot and she also bought fresh ears of corn and tomatoes for dinner. When I see gladiolas I think of summer afternoons at that farmer's stand in Clinton. Gladiolas fell out of fashion as a flower but I think the bright spikes of blossoms are pretty glorious. It's time for gladiolas to make a comeback, don't you think?


Ella said...

I saw them today in our grocery store and thought about your post (read it yesterday) and Yes, you're right, it's time for a come back! They are really beautiful.

Bart Boehlert said...

Hi Ella, we will bring them back!

ABG said...

Hi BB - I've always had a soft spot for these! It was a treat to be go to the Farmer's Mkt with my mother when I was a very little girl and be allowed to pick out the flowers. I called these "Happy-jolas" b/c I couldn't remeber Glad-i-olas. As you can imagine that charmed the hell out of my mom and all the other shoppers. I've loved them ever since!