Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Farmer's Market in July

Straw hat
I just love this time of year. I wish it was summer year 'round. Do you think we should move to Florida? The Union Square Farmer's Market is now in full swing and we are just back from our Saturday morning trip to stock up on vegetables and flowers.

From the west side, we cut through Union Square to get to the Durr's flower truck on the east side. Pale, poetic variegated hydrangeas are now blooming in Union Square; you know I'm a fan of hydrangeas.

The Durrs now have rows and rows of flowers from which to choose.

Another stand offered these Denver daisies. I like the name of that.

This stand sells lovely lilies. We get a small bouquet pictured in the front and put the single flowers around the house – they smell heavenly when you pass by.

Sunflowers – $2 each, 3 for $5.

Piles of carrots and big radishes in vivid hues.

I'm waiting for the tomatoes to come!
Have a great summer weekend.


Gail, northern California said...

Glad you thought to bring your camera.

Farmer's Markets are one of the best parts of summer. In addition to the fragrance of flowers, there's that heady aroma when you're knee-deep in melons, strawberries, peaches and nectarines. Yum.

John J. Tackett said...

As much as I enjoy the sights and the tastes, I think it is the smells of a Farmers' Market that I appreciate so much. Perhaps it is that aroma is often so diminished in a supermarket. When I worked on lower Fifth Avenue in 1980, I was warned not to venture into the park of Union Square; it was too dangerous with the drug dealers.
__ The Devoted Classicist

french-treasures said...

What a lovely array of pictures! Thank you!!

Kathy said...

You are way to sophisticated for Florida....besides...I find that in following you, you seem to enjoy each season, and it's fruits, equally......Thank you for continuing to share your city life...k

Bart Boehlert said...

Kathy, you are funny. Well, I do like New York, and the four seasons except for the months of Jan. and Feb.

Lana Manis said...

Thank you for sharing your trip to the Farmer's Market. The flowers and vegetables are such lovely colors!
I paid a trip to our closest farmer's market yesterday {our garden} and harvested tomatoes, green beans, potatoes and squash ~ which we had for our supper last night. Ahhh, summer! :)