Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Exciting New 1stdibs Gallery

The selection from New Orleans antiques dealer Karina Gentinetta.

Darlings, you already know about, the very successful, ten-year-old, online marketplace where more than 1,000 art and antiques dealers in the United States, Canada and Europe offer antiques and 20th century design. Last week in Manhattan, 1stdibs opened an actual "brick and mortar store," a huge gallery space in the New York Design Center featuring 53 dealers. My friend Mario Buatta invited me to join him along with Marilyn White at the preview party sponsored by Elle Decor magazine. The big showroom was really pretty amazing, and I recommend you stop by tout suite. It's open to the public Monday-Saturday at 200 Lexington Avenue at 32nd Street, 10th floor. You can see what is for sale in the New York gallery here.

At the main entrance to the gallery is an exhibition space which will display rotating shows. This painted and gilt table, brought by the dealer Malmaison, was made by Maison Jansen in Paris in the 50's for the Ford family of Detroit.

What's great about the 1stdibs floor is that it's surrounded by huge windows which allow for lots of natural light. Here is the mid-century offering from Wyeth Home, based in the Hamptons:

An enticing display at Bourgeois Bohème, from Los Angeles:

Vintage industrial furniture and and accessories at Get Back Inc. from Oakville, Connecticut:

Heir Antiques, from Providence, Rhode Island, was manned by the charming Tyler Doran who reported that the caribou head was on hold.

Tyler placed a glass top on this antique hospital cot to create a low table. Pretty clever.

The party got under way and filled up with mobs of people.

The friendly dealer Karina Gentinetta from New Orleans had a popular corner.

I met Michael Bruno, who is the president and founder of 1stdibs, and caught up with Michael Boodro, the editor-in-chief of Elle Decor.
There were waves of people at every turn

and a wide selection of offerings for every taste.
On the way home down Fifth Avenue I passed Madison Square Park. A full moon shone over the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building tower on the right, and the "Scattered Light" art installation by Jim Campbell below.

That was a fun night.


Karina Gentinetta said...

Dear Bart, it was an exciting evening indeed! That champagne did not stop flowing all evening. Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful and unique new venture.

From New Orleans,

Karina Gentinetta

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...


Madonna B said...

you made this look magical.

Kathy said...

BB...another "swell" post...thanks for sharing the news and the glamour!...k

Anonymous said...

It will be a hit if they can keep it filled with a steady influx of fresh merchandise.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

WILL look forward to seeing this on a trip up. 1st dibs is an amazing resource, certainly a connector like no other. Just purchased the perfect mirror for a powder room that was a trouble spot. thanks for keeping me up to speed. pgt

Peeluche said...

it was an exciting evening indeed! That champagne did not stop flowing all evening. Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful and unique new venture.

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