Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fine and Dandy Formal Fridays

My friends over at Fine and Dandy have been busy selling their swell accessories to dapper guys. Now they have something new up their French-cuffed sleeves: the world has gone too casual in their opinion and so they are instigating anti-casual Fridays and encouraging friends and fans to dress up on that day. They asked me for a photo and I was happy to oblige as I am all for making the world more fine and dandy.
You can see yours truly on their blog here.
Incidently, I happened that day to be interviewing Carolyne Roehm, the designer, author and stylemaker, in her sumptuous New York City apartment about her new book coming out in November, A Passion for Interiors. It was an amazing inspiration to visit Carolyne Roehm at home. We did a video interview together which will be coming up soon here on the blog!


Unknown said...

Tres chic, Bart! I can't wait to read your interview with C. Roehm.

Gwen Driscoll said...

Beautiful images. Can't wait to get her book. So glad to find your blog. Look forward to many more great posts. Have a great week!