Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a Good Blog Reader

New Liberty of London for Target boxer shorts, with Bell inspecting.

I'm a little late getting to this post but you know that we had some technical difficulties in the Photography Department here at Bart Boehlert's Beautiful Things, and then the entire staff went on vacation...
But, over her on her blog A Bloomsbury Life, my chic friend Lisa Borgnes Giramonti in Hollywood reported that she had sped over to her local Target store to buy some of the Liberty of London collection produced for Target. Now, I love Liberty of London so I hopped right on that band wagon. We don't have a Target store nearby here in downtown Manhattan so I went to Target.com; you can see the Liberty of London collection here. Some of the offerings were already sold out but I got some boxer shorts. $5.99 each. I love this blue and white floral print

and these mad peacock feathers; very Edwardian/Gilbert and Sullivan, no?

Liberty of London was founded in 1875 by Mr. Arthur Laseny Liberty in London; see how that works? The store offered homewares and fashion, and today the great Tudor revival building on Regent Street in central London is a popular destination. In the 1890's Arthur Liberty worked with designers in the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements to create really wonderful floral fabrics that became the iconic Liberty of London prints. The fabrics are like William Morris wallpaper that you can wear.
You know I love flowers, seeing them and wearing them, so I have a number of floral print shirts. A little floral print, on shirts or boxer shorts, makes you smile.
People say to me, "Is that shirt Liberty of London?"

Nope. It's from the Gap. $2 at the Gap outlet store in Connecticut.

This is a similar shirt, but this one was made by Mr. Lauren.

This shirt really does look like a wonderful little paisley wallpaper; it's from J. Crew.

This is a very lightweight cotton summer shirt sprinkled with red flowers from Barneys.

I have a couple of Liberty of London ties including a bow tie.

I bought these probably twenty five years ago; if I remember correctly Liberty of London then had a store in Rockefeller Center. I just love these charming prints, and they never go out of style.

Now that I have photographed my boxers, I can wear them, if I can get them away from the girls. Bell thinks they make a swell pillow.

Rose too.


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...


Oh my, what an assortment of riches! And what an honor to be mentioned on "The Real Sartorialist of NYC's" blog (my nickname for you).

So funny...I purchased the same peacock boxer shorts which I may wear underneath a skirt in defense of a naughty wind. :)

You are lovely, lovely, as are your felines. They look quite happy on those Tana Lawn fabrics!


Bart Boehlert said...

Ha Lisa! Well we should have a shot of us in our peacock boxer shorts : )

helen tilston said...

I double dog dare you both to provide a shot in your respective boxers- or should I say double cat dare you. Ha Ha