Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year from Mexico

TD and I are back from a fantastic trip to Mexico. To celebrate his birthday, my brother Thom and his wife Karen and sons Brian and Aaron took a big house in Puerto Vallarta and invited the family to join them! There were fourteen of us, including my parents, sister Cynthia and her partner Barb, and brother Eric with his wife Tracy and children Jane and Ben. It was Thom's birthday, but we got the gift.

The house, which included a staff, was built dramatically on a cliff overlooking the sea. This is the view upon arrival.

Then the visitor goes down, down, down, to the main living area and pool. The bedrooms were layered one upon the other, looking up

and looking down to the water.

An infinity pool was set over Banderas bay.

A tree at the pool decorated with Christmas ornaments reminded us that it was the holidays.

The waves crashed below. TD and I had the bedroom closest to the water. This was the view. It was spectacular to wake up to.

Everyone enjoyed swimming in the pool

and hanging out next to it all day long.

Here is my pool side table with all the necessary accoutrements, no?

Eric, at rest.

Every night we had dinner at a big table set for fourteen. The food prepared for us was delicious.

The house was a marvel; TD and I were grateful to be guests there.

One day we took a sunset cruise on a catamaran along the coastline of Puerto Vallarta. The crew pointed out different highlights along the way. In 1963 Hollywood director John Huston filmed Tennessee Williams' The Night of the Iguana in Puerto Vallarta. That movie's leading man, Richard Burton, first brought Puerto Vallarta to the world's attention when he and his new wife, Elizabeth Taylor, who was just divorced from Eddie Fisher, bought a mansion in town.

The catamoran set anchor so swimmers could dive in for a dip.

Then we boated all the way up to the rocky islands visible from our house.

It was a great pleasure to be on the water for a long boat ride. (Eric, Karen and Jane)

The next day we went to a nearby beach. There was baseball

and football.

Mom, at rest.

One day TD and I and Cyn and Barb went to the gay beach in town – I'm telling you, Puerto Vallarta has it all! It's a popular gay destination, and the renowned gay Blue Chairs Hotel has a crowded and cacophonous beach in front of it. It got packed, shoulder to shoulder, with loud music blasting from the speakers. We ordered fish sandwiches and beers from the waiter. It was like a nightclub/beach.

Back at the house, everything was peaceful and quiet.

Dad, at rest.

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated Thom's birthday and the coming year. The dining room was decorated with a red silk table cloth and streamers from the chandelier. Since we're Irish, there were funny stories and teary toasts to Thom.
Before midnight we climbed to a higher level to see fireworks along the bay.

Sparkling and colorful, it was a magical way to ring in the new year.
Later, the girls: Karen, Cynthia, Barb and Tracy-

It was hard to leave, I'll tell you that. Hot, sunny weather plus luxe living plus my family all around is a triple header for me. We're lucky – we like each other and enjoy being together. Ted and I both needed a vacation, and Thom provided us with the greatest week. Before we left a friend said to me, "It's like your brother is giving you a group hug." And it was a warm wonderful hug.

Many thanks.

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

what a great trip -i'm so jealous having been stuck here in the cold snowy north!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

OMG. That house is insane. And the photos! Bart, that one of you reading by the pool is so chic...and the one of the water where you took the catamaran and jumped in -- the reflection of the azure blue water feels so '60's. How fortunate you are to have such a tight, close, loving family and how lucky they are to have a brother/son like you! Happy New Year, Mr. Fabulous! xxx

Anonymous said...

Bart, a friend passed your blog on to me as we want to rent a big home in Mexico in 2012! Could you possibly send me the rental info? Its beautiful! And what a fabulous way to start the New Year! Bravo!

Laura said...

Bart I am tragically jealous of your trip! It all looks so warm and languid...and New York is so the opposite at the moment. Your trip is far more glamorous than the ill advised trip I took to the same locale in college...perhaps I ought to revise my opinion of Puerto Vallerta?

Bart Boehlert said...

AD - I know, now I am spoiled!
Lisa, that's funny, the reading man is my brother, we do look alike! Thanks for your kind words.
Christine - email me at and I'll send what I can.
Laura, from what I saw of PV I think you need to pick carefully where you stay!

The Silent Storyteller said...

Jealous too... what a breathtaking place... said...

Looks wonderful!