Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Weekend in Connecticut

The Guilford Antiques Fair

This weekend TD and I went to visit my parents in Guilford, Connecticut, an old town on the Long Island Sound. Although I grew up upstate, outside of Utica, New York, my parents moved to Guilford in 1979 which is closer to New York City.

I always enjoy taking the train there after work on a Friday night out of Grand Central Station with a cold bottle of beer in my hand. It's a nice ride up the coastline, and then we transfer in New Haven to the small Shoreline East train to Guilford.

Saturday happened to be the Guilford Antiques Fair. I remember going with me mum to this antiques fair once before, it must have been twenty years ago. I got this little white ironstone pitcher then. I still love its size and curving lines.

It poured rain on Friday night, and on Saturday the grounds of the antiques fair were wet and squishy. In fact, there was a truck stuck in the mud in the middle of the field.
All the vendors were lined up under portable tents. There was a place to sit and have a cup of coffee and a cranberry scone.

In the blacksmith shed, blacksmiths were blacksmithing. Don't these guys look right out of Charles Dickens?

I liked this vendor's display. There I bought a...

treasure chest...a black tin box to hold our multitude of tv remotes. She had it marked for $15 and I paid her $10.

I also bought this little dish for the bedside table. Hand painted. $4. Looks like Majolica, though it's not. Very Bloomsbury, no?

Then we went down to the beach. Not a lot of people there. We couldn't go in the water due to "high bacteria" caused by all the rain water run-off. I was afraid to ask what that meant exactly...

but it really is a pretty little town beach.

On Saturday night my father grilled some steaks. Then on the dvr we watched Doubt from last year starring Meryl Streep; she is pinched, hard, mean, pale. We recently saw Mama Mia which Meryl Streep made the same year; she is golden, blond, sensual, bursting with life and youth. Truly hard to believe it's the same woman, this national treasure.

On Sunday me and me mum went for a walk around the town green. Many of the houses and churches in Guilford were built in the 1700s.

We sat on a bench. The green was very peaceful and quiet.

I'm really glad my parents moved to Guilford.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

I would have purchased precisely the same items. And am jealous you own them and I do not. Particularly that pitcher.

Bart Boehlert said...

That is literally an aesthete's lament!
Glad you like my picks.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I love your Bloomsbury purchase! :)