Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love the food this time of year because it is all fresh from the Farmers Market. I like to cook and am interested in cooking but I don't do it very often mostly because of time I guess, and also Ted is a good cook. But the other night I made some ratatouille.  

There is an article on gourmet.com that says America hates ratatouille and eggplant.
Really? These are probably the people who are voting for John McCain. I love ratatouille and eggplant. Eggplant grilled on the grill with some olive oil is the most delicious thing. For my ratatouille the other night I didn't have an eggplant but I did have big yellow and green zucchinis from the market. 

This is what I do. Put some olive oil in a big pot and warm it up. Then in it saute some chopped up onions until they are golden. Cut the zucchinis into bite size pieces (do not peel) and throw them in the pot. Cook and stir until they are soft. Chop up a tomato and throw it in. Add some canned chopped tomatoes if you don't have enough fresh. Stir around and cook. Add a dash of red wine, and then salt and pepper and basil to taste. Voila. Summer in a pot. 

I love the colors of ratatouille -- red, green and yellow. It's a cheerful dish. With the ratatouille we had a hamburger and mashed potatoes, also from the farm, served on one plate. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out. That is my favorite way to eat -- simple, healthy, easy, comforting. 

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Nell said...

Have recently discovered your blog - like it very much. Here's a link that may be of interest: Cecil Beaton's reinterpretation of the Wyndham Sisters circa 1950.


Much success in your blogging efforts - look forward to years of your interesting, relective posts.